EdTech Standards

With DCSD being a 1:1 chromebook district, we have much opportunity and responsibility to identify where technology can support the content standards. Please view the documents below to see where technology is interwoven into our classrooms.

We use the ISTE student and educator standards as our guide when making instructional decisions with technology. Click on any of the standards below to view tutorials matching the standards:

ISTE Student Standards

Our tutorials on ISTE Student Standards:

  1. Empowered Learners
  2. Digital Citizens
  3. Knowledge Constructors
  4. Innovative Designers
  5. Computational Thinkers
  6. Creative Communicators
  7. Global Collaborators

ISTE Educator Standards

Our tutorials on ISTE Educator Standards:

  1. Learners
  2. Leaders
  3. Citizens
  4. Collaborators
  5. Designers
  6. Facilitators
  7. Analysts